Thursday, 23 January 2014

A Rose By Any Other Colour

With Valentine's Day approaching I thought it to be important to post the meaning of the colours of certain roses. I want my readers to have an understanding of the meaning behind that gorgeous Valentine's Day Rose Bouquet.   So here we go.

The ever popular Red Rose - Bliss, passion, LOVE, Devotion Honour, Power.   

Typically when one decides to send red roses the meaning is clear...
I Love You! and the meaning  for the most part is well received.  In the 18th century red roses were used as a way to communicate and express ones love for another in society's that were not so forgiving. And some say that a simple 2 red rose bouquet is a silent way of asking for a hand in marriage.

Pink Roses symbolise Grace, Affection, Admiration and will often be found in wedding flower arrangements and birthday bouquets.  You would get pink roses from a suitor who has growing affection that has not quite turned into love (Red Roses) perhaps an innocent king of love as well.

If you wanted to thank someone for doing a kind service then Pink Roses would be suitable as the beauty is also a sign of gratitude.

Often I will get flower delivery orders for a new baby girl. And typically if it's the first baby, a dozen pink roses are on the menu.  What a better way to welcome new baby. And also get her accustomed to what to expect in the future.

Yellow Roses (my fav!) Joy, happiness,& friendship. Often associated with new Moms, graduates and newly married couples. There's a tenderness that's associated with this colour perhaps even a sense of peace.

If you get a dozen yellow roses from a fellow don't get too excited because it usually means "let's be friends" and he isn't looking for any attachment.  No passion with this yellow rose but lots of sincerity. 

Peach Roses say modesty, innocence, purity and have a delicate hue that is sweet and soft looking. You will see these roses in wedding bouquets and flower arrangement as peach is a complimentary colour. 

Some will send a dozen peach roses to a special client that just signed a big deal, it is considered to be the seal of the deal.  They portray harmony and cheer. 

Next time you want to celebrate a big sale, deal or endeavour, celebrate with Peach roses.

White Roses and especially this photo of one screams purity & virtue, sincerity and chastity.  If you want someone to know that your affection for them is from the heart then this is the rose to give. 

The red rose and the white rose both symbolise love where the red rose is passion and the white rose is innocence and purity. Both have very strong love meanings, just in different ways. 

A dozen white roses given tells the recipient that they will be worshipped til death .

I've only covered a few of the many rose colours, the ones that seem to be most popular at Blossoms Florist & Boutique. Our Valentine stock will include the ones mentioned in this blog along with Lavender, Orange, and Green.  Be sure to stop in to our shop or contact us through our website to place your Valentine's Day Rose and other beautiful flower order.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Remember Breaking Bad?

If you are a Breaking Bad fan like so many other millions of people, then you will remember the episode where Jesse's (yo) girlfriends son got very ill.  They thought it was from the drug in the cigarette but it turned out to be from the beautiful but quite deadly Lily Of The Valley plant.

I've posted a cute photo of  a dog with a mouthful of these tiny white blossoms and at first glance one would say awww.  It's a natural reaction. But are you aware that this plant can prove to be deadly to mans and woman's best friend.  And not just canines.  This pretty little flower can cause severe havoc with your feline as well.

The Lily Of The Valley plant blooms in early spring and is considered to be a spreader. It roots under ground and is very difficult to get rid of. Once you think you've pulled it all up, bam it's back again the following year. It's beautiful but not so good for your pets so beware.  I've included a link that will give more details on the subject .

So when you see Rover walking down the lane with a mouthful of these flowers, thank him for the thought and then quickly dispose.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Valentine's Day..So Many Stories But Does It Really Matter?

If you Google the origins of Valentine's Day you will find all sorts of stories and claims as to how the day came about.

One of the earliest popular symbols of the Valentine's day is Cupid, the Roman god of love, who is represented by the image of a young boy with bow and arrow. You see this image adorning shop windows, fronts of cards and in children's Valentine packets. This is the cutesie side of Valentine's and in my view, the most popular.

Then there's the story that came about three hundred years after the death of Jesus Christ where  the Roman emperors still demanded that everyone believe in the Roman gods. Valentine, a Christian priest, had been thrown in prison for his teachings. On February 14, Valentine was beheaded, not only because he was a Christian, but also because he had performed a miracle. He supposedly cured the jailer's daughter of her blindness. The night before he was executed, he wrote the jailer's daughter a farewell letter, signing it "From Your Valentine." Another legend tells us that this same Valentine, well-loved by all, received notes to his jail cell from children and friends who missed him.  Not the best of stories but a good one to tell to those who are interested.

And way back on AD 200 (was there really such a time?) an Italian Bishop was imprisoned for secretly marrying couples which was  contrary to the laws of the Roman emperor. Some legends say he was burned at the stake.   Yikes...Beheaded, Burned at the stake! How did this day become such fun?

Now if you can believe this one!  It is said that birds pick their mates on Feb 14th. I guess that's why so many couples get engaged on Valentines' Day.  Go Figure!

The whole business of Valentine's Day has grown substantially over the centuries and is still celebrated in many cultures. Whether you send Valentine Roses, Valentine Chocolates, Valentine Cards or simply say I Love You on this romantic day, say it with love and cupid will shine down on you and maybe shoot his arrow your way.

Happy Valentine's Day from Blossoms Florist & Boutique!

Blossoms Florist & Boutique Joins Blogger

If you are a Kingstonian or a KTownite then there's a good chance that you have heard of what was known for 30 plus years as Plant Factory.  This little flower shop has helped put smiles on the faces of new mothers, brightened parties with balloon birthday bouquets, celebrated Mother's, Fathers and Grandparents and soothed the souls of those who grieve.

In August 2013 Plant Factory was sold, pages were turned and a new chapter began.

Blossoms Florist & Boutique, formed and founded in July 2013 is a upbeat and trendy flower shop located in the east end of Kingston Ontario and can be found on the corners of Division and Elliot streets on the southeast side.

Live tropical and house plants are abundant. If we don't have what you are looking for , we can get it within a 72 hours turnaround.

Coming this spring you will find an array of gift items focusing around the garden. Metal planters, yard art, outside containers and hanging baskets.

On any given day you will find an assortment of fresh cut flowers including Roses, Multi Coloured Mums, Alstromeria, Gerbera Daisy, Spider Mums and Carnations.  And speaking of Carnations...our everyday cash and carry price for a dozen Carnations is $9.99 plus tax.

Studio 56 Boutique is located on site where you can shop for the wee ones in the family. Offering custom made head bands, hats, tutus and hair clips along with imported rompers, fedora hats, bow ties, and suspenders....we offer an assortment of really cool items for your really cool kids.

Our in house photographer , Studio 56 Photography can be booked for your wedding , special event, family photos or whatever you need. Call Sarah Crevier today 613-985-5963

Welcome to Blossoms Florist & Boutique. We are proud to be your number one choice for flowers in the Kingston Ontario region and beyond.